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Fury Bear OB1 V3.1S – Standard Kit (4 LED cables included)
Fury Bear OB1 V3.1S – Standard Kit (4 LED...
Light up your 1:14 trailer with this light set from OB1, featuring reverse, brake and indicator lights. Included are 4 led cables, you can plug up to 10 led light connectors into the main unit! V3.1S – Standard Kit (4 LED cables...
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Fury Bear V3.1M – Standard kit (4-Channel, 6 LED cables)
Fury Bear V3.1M – Standard kit (4-Channel, 6...
This set can be used with or without the MFC. This set also has the advantage that several Slave units can work with the Master. (handy to take a trailer from someone else in case of a breakdown: D) This requires a one-off link to the...
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