Information on the reimbursement of German VAT for third country buyers under the VAT exemption for non-commercial exports

This regulation applies exclusively to pick-up orders at our company headquarters or at trade fairs.


- The buyer can prove his domicile outside the European Union
- The customer may identify himself by means of a valid passport, or the buyer shall give the number of his / her valid passport in advance when placing the order for pick-up orders
- The buyer accepts the goods by himself in our shop or at the booth
- The buyer can present an bank account with IBAN and BIC for VAT refund
- The buyer carries the goods in his own personal luggage from Germany


- The buyer acquires the goods and pays the full purchase price incl. the German value added tax applicable in Germany
- The buyer receives an invoice / receipt for the purchase price paid. In addition, the buyer receives an "Export and customer certificate for VAT purposes for exports in non-commercial travel".
- The buyer demonstrably exports the goods before the end of the third month following the purchase and can confirm the export from the customs
- Subsequently, the principal also sends the original invoice and the export certificate back to us in their original form and names an account with IBAN and BIC for the refund of the VAT amount
- After receiving the original receipts, we will refund the sales tax amount within 3 weeks. For accounts in the SEPA payment area, reimbursement is free of charge. For accounts outside the SEPA payment area, the payee of the SWIFT transfer will be present.
- Commercial buyers will then receive a new invoice, exclusive of sales tax, by e-mail.

We only offer this service at trade fairs with a purchase value of 50 EUR or more. For purchases at trade fairs under 50 EUR, we are unfortunately forced to charge a processing fee of 10 EUR plus statutory value added tax for this transaction. For all other orders, we generally charge a fee for this service. of 15 EUR plus statutory value added tax.