DGD pendulums

Our pendulums are known for quality and stability. Falling into the springs in heavily loaded vehicles is excluded by the construction - we work without springs! As a result, we achieve maximum traction on powered vehicles, enabling us to progress even on rough terrain.

With dump semi-trailers these pendulums have the great advantage that tipping is still possible even if the tipper is not completely horizontal, because a one-sided sinking and thus aversion is avoided by the construction as much as possible.

Over time, we have built up a rather large program of pendulums. Therefore it may be difficult to keep track and find exactly the pendulum you need.

Therefore, we have a tuned our webshop a little bit and created an overview of all the offered pendulums.

Here you will find the individual pendulums for 2, 3 or 4 axles separately for trucks and semi-trailers. Below that you will find an overview of the suitable axles and rims.

Nevertheless, should not all questions be clarified, we are of course happy to provide advice and assistance.

If what you are looking for should not be part of our pendulum service, then don't hesitate to contact us - we also build according to your specific wishes and requirements in the scale 1: 8 to 1:32 and, if necessary, even beyond.

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