Opening hours Christmas / New Year's Eve 2018

Unlike in previous years, we have opened this year between Christmas and New Year's Eve to follow your wishes.

In recent years, we have always heard the desire to rummage and buy between days at the geared doctor. Therefore, we have decided to keep our shop open this year. This applies also in this time for the Saturdays.


Opening hours:

24.12.2018 from 09:00am bis 02:00pm
27.12.2018 from 09:00am bis 07:00pm
28.12.2018 from 09:00am bis 07:00pm
29.12.2018 from 09:00am bis 02:00pm
31.12.2018 from 09:00am bis 02:00pm

02.01.2019 from 09:00am bis 07:00pm
03.01.2019 from 09:00am bis 07:00pm
04.01.2019 from 09:00am bis 07:00pm
05.01.2019 from 09:00am bis 02:00pm

From the second week of January everything will run as before, then we will be open again from Monday to Friday.

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