service extreme from doc gear

The Getriebedoktor team is known for its service. As a rule, this affects the RC modelse on a scale of 1: 8 to 1:32.

But in the past we have already developed and implemented the most diverse solutions. From aids for a little boy who has to deal with physical handicaps about lifting mechanisms in the camping area, locking systems on car trailers, supplies for drilling technology in mining, hydraulic components for medical technology , Construction work and much more. Mostly it was about precision mechanics, but not always.

Now we received a late cry for help from Morocco in Sunday night. Our son-in-law was stuck there with a teammate. Their rally car had a homokinet broken. While parts are readily available for the Toyota in Morocco, the spare parts for the installed portal axles were unfortunately not available there.

Professional transport service providers dropped out - a week's transport time to Moroccan back yard near to the Algerian border was definitely too late. That's how our son-in-law Jens came up with the idea if someone can take this parts personally to Morocco.

We did not hesitate for long and my wife Ina started packing at night and together with Jens I tried to book the required flights. This turned out to be more difficult than expected and we had to realize in the morning at 4:30 clock with horror that the portal had not been able to book flights - they had simply canceled. So in the morning we had to book again.

Sunday evening, Jens had contacted the manufacturer of the portals and I got up at 5:00 in the morning to pick up the parts near Wilhemshaven, Again, the express service providers had no chance, they wpould be "too slow".

At 7:40 am I was at the door of Tibus Offroad - they actually open at 9:00 am and received the much needed spare parts. Then I went straight back and despite a little traffic jam I was back in time in Bad Bramstedt in our shop. From there I started together with my wife immediately to bring her to the airport. The shop took over at this time a friend of us, who fortunately had holidays and spontaneously agreed to help.

At the airport, Ina still had a little trouble convincing the security that these "funny metal parts" in their hand luggage were not weapons, but urgently needed spare parts for a rallye car. Finally, thanks to the help of the police, she was allowed to pass. First to Barcelona and then to Marrakech.

During this time, Jens and his teammate Bert had taken a taxi to meet Ina in Marrakech. 1200 km by taxi through Morocco - not so easy. At midnight Ina could then pass the parts to the two lucky recipients and then they finally went to hotel. This had apparently overbooked and it was at night at 1:00 o'clock to find a new hotel. Fortunately, this succeeded and, while Jens and Bert made their way back to the camp by a taxi, we finally had a good night's rest.

Now the mechanics are waiting for the arrival of the parts and hopefully the rallye car we will ready soon.

Pictures, results and live tracking of the rally can be found here:

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