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MULTIPLEX - a resonant name in the model sport

Since its founding in 1958 develops and produces MULTIPLEX radio remote controls for model sports. Legendary RC systems such as MULTIPLEX 101, our first fully proportional radio remote control or the ROYAL mc microprocessor were milestones.

With the current 2.4 GHz technology M-LINK MULTIPLEX sets standards again. Especially regarding the possibility to transfer data from the model in real time to the transmitter and to provide important information to the pilot. The open bus system MSB also offers other manufacturers the opportunity to use this information transfer.

had in model space and MULTIPLEX has repeatedly with innovative products in the lead. Models such as "Big Lift" and "Alpina" have set new standards in their day. For over 10 years, MULTIPLEX concentrated in model space on Prefabricated models ELAPOR®, a high-tech particle foam which is particularly suitable for the production of foamed into molds models. The MULTIPLEX EasyStar applies here as a milestone.

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Multiplex 112040 Hitec Servo HS-40
Multiplex 112040 Hitec Servo HS-40
Inexpensive power of Our research department and engineers work tirelessly to develop low-cost and high-quality servo technology. In the HS-40 Nano-analog servo, this applies to a particular degree, with his three-pole brush motor and...
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Multiplex 118300 Hitec Universal Balancer Board 2-6 cells (XH/HP/PQ/EH/F
Multiplex 118300 Hitec Universal Balancer Board...
The HITEC Universal Balancer Board 6S finally solves the problem that all battery manufacturers use the most diverse balancer systems. All common balancer systems are combined on one board. Regardless of which of your LiXX batteries you...
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